For All Nails: Chronological Listing of Events

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Note: (21 April 2003) Archiving of posts has fallen somewhat behind due to understandable complications in the life of archivist and new father Dan McDonald. If the link you click on is dead, try searching Google Groups with keywords, e.g., "all nails 225" for post number 225. This index will still help you find the number of the post you want.

This is a timeline of events in For All Nails, a collaborative extension to the timeline of Robert Sobel's alternate history For Want of a Nail. Each entry also contains a link to an archived version of the posting where it occurs or is specified. The point of divergence is the victory of Burgoyne at Saratoga in 1777. North America is subsequently divided between the Confederation of North America and the United States of Mexico. A timeline of events specified in Sobel's book (compiled by Ian Montgomerie) is here.

The convention for these postings is that they be short vignettes, usually from a single first-person or limited-omniscient point of view. Sometimes two or more related vignettes are combined into a single post. Some "facts" from Sobel have been asserted here to be errors, generally after discussion. The "canon" for the For All Nails timeline consists of Sobel's book and these posts, including their footnotes. Canonical facts may be revised later if a consensus exists to do so.

Again, the list below has postings in internal chronological order. This other list, by posting number, is roughly in order of posting.

Authors so far: Matt Alderman, Chester A. Arthur, David Mix Barrington, Sir Francis Burdette, Jonathan Edelstein, Bernard Guerrero, Joe Horan, Mike Keating, Henrik Kiertzner, Noel Maurer, Dan McDonald, Randy McDonald, Johnny Pez, Walter R. Strapps, Carlos Yu. Contributions by new people are welcome -- they may be posted directly to soc.history.what-if or mailed for comment to any of the current authors.

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Last modified 21 April 2003